C Tek & FJH - Karusel

CAT: BRM 0008

The long awaited return to the waves for C Tek and FJH, brings their unmistakably bombastic production styles together to deliver an arrangement of meticulously polished Dubstep dominance…

12 months in the making, and signifying the commencement of a dangerously progressive partnership, “Karusel” is a clean, full bodied installation that drills a dirty recurrence through a layered, melancholic composition. The track combines both intricate styles to produce a sublime, resplendent, collaboration; already endemic to this flourishing partnership.

The eclectic musical direction that both artists purvey throughout their work is undeniably apparent on this track. FJH draws on reminders of his Russian childhood and C Tek offers up a wealth of contemporary programming skills to combine with their extensive musical knowledge. The precise, balanced approach of these talented beat-smiths will undoubtedly ensure a copious crop of high-grade audio abundance for the rest of 2012.